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What to Do After a Bicycle or Pedestrian Accident?

If you are involved in a bicycle or pedestrian accident in Texas, the first thing you should do is to seek immediate medical attention. Often, these accidents result in severe injuries requiring emergency medical care. However, even if you weren’t transported to the hospital, you should see a medical provider who can check your injuries and diagnose any underlying trauma you may have endured.

You should also report the incident to the police. Texas law requires you to report any accident that results in bodily injury or death to law enforcement right away.

Do Pedestrians Always Have the Right-of-Way in Texas?

Texas law requires motorists to use all reasonable measures to avoid collisions with pedestrians. However, this does not mean that pedestrians always have the right of way. In fact, there are several instances in which pedestrians must yield to oncoming traffic on Texas roadways.

Texas pedestrian laws require you to yield to vehicles in the following situations: 

When encountering an intersection equipped with pedestrian signals or active traffic control devices displaying yellow or red lights, or “do not walk/wait” signals, caution must be exercised. Similarly, when crossing a street or roadway outside of a designated crosswalk, marked or unmarked, at an intersection, extra care is essential. It is also important to utilize designated pedestrian crossings such as pedestrian tunnels or bridges, whenever they are available while crossing a roadway.

Furthermore, it is crucial to avoid suddenly leaving the safety of a curb, sidewalk, or similar area and entering a roadway if oncoming vehicles cannot reasonably stop or yield.

That being said, Texas motorists must always yield to pedestrians who are crossing in marked or unmarked crosswalks at intersections. Additionally, motorists should use extreme caution when driving near pedestrians who appear obviously impaired, confused, disorientated, lost, or intoxicated.

Pedestrians, meanwhile, should always use marked and unmarked crosswalks, as well as sidewalks when they are present and available. If there is no sidewalk, and a pedestrian must walk along a roadway, they should do so as far to the side of the road or on the shoulder as possible, facing oncoming traffic. Pedestrians are also prohibited from “jaywalking” in Texas. Jaywalking refers to crossing a roadway outside of a marked or unmarked crosswalk between two adjacent intersections where marked or unmarked crosswalks are present, and traffic control devices are in operation.

If a pedestrian is found to have violated state or municipal law, they may be found partly at fault for the accident. It’s important that you work with a skilled Dallas pedestrian accident lawyer, like ours at Kelley Law Firm, who can help protect your rights and fight for the maximum compensation you are owed.

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Who is Usually at Fault if a Bicycle is Involved in an Accident?

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What Happens if You Accidentally Hit a Cyclist?

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Does Insurance Cover Bike Damage?

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