Nursing Home NeglectWhen to Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

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Nursing home abuse is a distressing reality that can cause physical, emotional, and financial harm to our elderly loved ones. If you suspect or have evidence of nursing home abuse, it is crucial to take immediate action to protect your loved one’s rights. At Kelley Law Firm, our compassionate and experienced nursing home abuse attorneys are here to assist you in seeking justice and fair compensation. In this blog post, we will discuss when it is essential to contact a nursing home abuse attorney and how our legal team can support you during this challenging time.

Suspected or Known Abuse

If you suspect or have confirmed instances of physical, mental, or financial abuse in a nursing home, contacting a nursing home abuse attorney is paramount. Our skilled attorneys will investigate the matter, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and consult with experts to build a strong case on behalf of your loved one. We understand the intricacies of nursing home abuse laws and will tirelessly fight for the rights of your family member.

Timely Filing of Lawsuits

In Texas, there is a limited window of opportunity to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit for nursing home abuse cases. Generally, you have two years from the date of injury or death to initiate legal proceedings. Failing to file within this timeframe can result in losing your right to seek compensation. Our nursing home abuse attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the statute of limitations and will ensure your case is filed in a timely manner to protect your rights.

Free Consultations and Contingency Fees

At Kelley Law Firm, we understand the emotional and financial burdens associated with nursing home abuse cases. To alleviate your concerns, we offer free initial consultations where we will evaluate your case, listen to your concerns, and provide guidance on the best course of action. Additionally, our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay legal fees if we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. This allows you to focus on supporting your loved one while we fight for justice.

In conclusion, when it comes to nursing home abuse, time is of the essence. If you suspect or have evidence of abuse, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of nursing home abuse attorneys at Kelley Law Firm. We are committed to protecting the rights of your loved ones and will provide compassionate legal representation throughout the process. Remember, the statute of limitations is time-sensitive, so it is crucial to seek legal counsel promptly.

Reach out to us today for a free consultation, and let us help you seek justice and fair compensation for the harm caused by nursing home abuse.

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